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Finding really special bridesmaids dresses to coordinate with your wedding theme can be so difficult. I know only too well. When I was planning my wedding, I wanted my bridesmaid's dresses to be special... a touch of vintage and opulent style with a timeless feminine look... the sort of dresses that my friends would be really happy to wear and feel fabulous in. I just couldn't find any.

And when I talked to other 'brides to be' I found that they were having the same problem. Too many 'samey', old-fashioned bridesmaid's dresses.

That's when I decided to design my own.

I gave up my fashion design job in London, moved back home to Northumberland and started my own company.

My idea was to create an exciting range of boutique style bridesmaids dresses at affordable prices. Buttonbelle was born.

I design every dress myself. I choose the materials and trims carefully - out with stiff and uncomfortable, in with fluid lightweight chiffons and georgettes in soft silhouettes which sway and dance. I also supervise the tailoring, source all the vintage accessories and design the intricate detailed embellishments personally.

I really hope you like them.